The latest must-have makeup essentials perfect for Asian skin tones

Try four easy makeup tutorials for Asian faces using two makeup products a woman should never be without: waterproof eyeliner, and lipstick
There are few makeup staples we love more than a great eyeliner and a lip colour. Most of us won’t even leave the house without swiping on a little eye-defining pencil. If you feel naked without it, you definitely aren’t alone. If an eye pencil is a staple in your makeup bag, the new Shu Uemura Lasting Soft Gel Pencils are going to become your new makeup must-haves. They’re an upgrade of the brand’s iconic Lasting Soft Gel Pencils, but are now so much easier to apply.
They’re long lasting and waterproof thanks to the addition of rigid silicone resin particles that create a long-lasting film upon application, which is practically a necessity in our weather and especially if you have oily eyelids, and it’s incredibly soft which means it won’t tug harshly on your eyelids. But most significantly, the new liners are just 1.5mm thick, which means you can create a really precise line, meaning you can go for a more subtly-defined eye by keeping the liner close to your lash line, or go bold with a thick winged liner.
And even if you love a dark lined eye, your eyeliner doesn’t have to always be a single shade black to give your eyes some gorgeous definition. Shu Uemura has created four new shades of black, so you get the same definition, with more nuanced options that will all flatter Asian skin tones. Choose from an intense black, a green black, navy black, and a purple black, depending on the look and effect you’re going for.
On top of the new gel pencils, Shu Uemura is also launching a range of matte lipsticks called the Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte ($38). The new lipsticks come in 24 shades and are touted as a comfort matte, meaning the lipsticks wear matte but feel incredibly creamy and soft on the lips so you can wear them every single day! The 24 shades are also highly pigmented and perfectly suited to Asian skin tones.
To show off the new Lasting Soft Gel Liners and Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte Lipsticks, the brand has created handy tutorials on four of their looks below, each of which corresponds to a different eyeliner shade and complementary lip colour.
A shade like Intense Black is perfect for really drawing attention to your eyes and creating an intense look. The idea of this look is to create a double liner effect by drawing a second line in the crease of the eye. It’s a handy way to enhance your double eyelids or create the illusion of deeper eyelids even if you have a less defined crease.
Step 1: Apply a silver eyeshadow to the lids
Step 2: Sweep the calligraph:ink in black across both the upper and lower lash line from the outer corner of the eyes
Step 3: Create a double line along your crease with the lasting soft gel pencil in intense black
Step 4: Gently blend a black matte eyeshadow upwards from the defined crease line to create a shadow and diffuse the line
Step 5: Smoke out the outer corner of your lower lash line with the same matte black eyeshadow
Step 6: Add a small touch of silver eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eyes
Step 7: Finish off with rouge unlimited supreme lipstick in rouge unlimited supreme matte rd 144, a plum-red shade that’s perfect for Asian skin tones
Green black lends an air of mystery to the look. The liner appears black as first glance, but gives another level of sophistication and is especially flattering on brown and hazel eyes.
Step 1: Using the green black lasting soft gel pencil, create a v shape as an outline with the widest portion of the V towards the outer corner of your eyes
Step 2: Using a green eyeshadow, blend it near the lower water line
Step 3: Fill in the lid with a deep green shadow, concentrating the colour at its darkest near the outer corner for a 3D effect
Step 4: A warm medium pink rouge unlimited matte in pk355 is going to match any shade of blusher
For an unconventional and edgy take on the cat eye, try a more graphic line with the Lasting Soft Gel Pencil in Navy Black. This shade suits anyone and brings a hint of colour to the eyes.
Step 1: With your eyes open, figure out where the end of the "cat eye" flick is going to go. It should follow the contour of your eyelids while keeping more or less horizontal instead of angling upwards
Step 2: Put down a base eyeshadow across your lids, keeping the colour within the area below the crease
Step 3: Create a "halo" effect by blending a darker shade in V shapes on the inner and outer corner of the eyes, this makes the eye look wider and brighter
Step 4: Create your graphic line, extending the liner towards the inner corner and making sure the outer flick has a thicker line and squared edges
Step 5: Keep the lips neutral with rouge unlimited supreme matte bg943, which still has a slight pink undertone to give your lips a little colour
The purple black liner gives the look a certain femininity and is a warm colour that is universally flattering on Asian eyes. This look uses the precise gel pencil to create the illusion of fuller lashes with the addition of fine, lash-like graphic lines.
Step 1: Choose a light purple-based eyeshadow as an all-over lid shade to bring out the purple in the eye pencil
Step 2: With a deeper burgundy shade, define the inner corner of your eyes and lightly blend it across the lower lash line
Step 3: Draw in your liner like you would draw a regular wing, only continue to fill in extra lines from the lash line outwards. Start drawing from the outer corner of your eye, adding extra lines towards the center of your eye. Keep the flicks in the same direction as your lashes would curl
Step 4: Complement the eye look with a feminine coral pink lip, with rouge unlimited supreme matte cr344
Want to try it out for yourself? Explore the new Lasting Soft Gel Pencils and Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte Lipsticks at or shop online at
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