It's official: This is our favourite spot-targeting serum for a brighter and more radiant complexion

Shiseido White Lucent MicroTargeting Spot Corrector works like a laser to pinpoint stubborn, pigmented imperfections on your skin

If dark spots are getting in the way of your desire for a bright and flawless complexion, and you’re tired of always having to conceal those pigmented imperfections, Shiseido White Lucent MicroTargeting Spot Corrector can help.

Inspired by how laser therapy targets and eliminates noticeable spots, this product uses a mechanism that pinpoints and gets rid of tiny, scattered spots on your face. It utilises Shiseido’s Sakura Resist Technology, derived from Japanese cherry blossoms, which are known for their pinkish, creamy-white appearance. The formula zeroes in on imperfections, then penetrates deep into the skin to reduce excess melanin and optimise cell turnover without damaging normal cells.

In addition to reducing the appearance of existing spots, the product also helps your skin resist future hyperpigmentation. With continued use, it promises to improve the uniformity and clarity of your skin tone, giving you that radiant look you’ve always wanted. And its rich texture envelopes your skin in a fine film, keeping it supple and firm.

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