Get a 'head start' with your strands by trying Song’s top tips for hair that’s super sleek and gloriously glossy!

Still suffering from withdrawal symptoms after the season finale of military melodrama Descendants of the Sun? I don’t blame you, man.

The reason why I’m especially enamoured with this particular programme? The megawatt star presence of luminous luminary Song Hye-kyo, natch.

The undisputed K-Beauty regent’s rep for preternaturally porcelain skin precedes the woman herself, but I for one am also equally enthralled by Song’s lovely locks – her signature soft curls boast the entirely welcome beauty benefit of “contouring” your jaw for that V-shaped visage everyone and their mother’s so obsessed with these days.

Now, curling our hair in humid ol’ Singapore can seem like an exercise in futility – full and flouncy becomes deflated and dejected the second you step out into the searing heat and humidity – but don’t let the scorching climate cramp your style.

Here’s how to beat the heat and stand head over shoulders above the morose manes of the majority, starting with Song’s top tress-taming tips – a tantalising (and exclusive!) teaser reel of which you can view above.

Some highlights (or is that hair-lights): Song bantering with her stylist and spilling the secrets you need to maximise the mileage out of your hairdryer, plus her industry insider tricks for beguilingly bouncy curls that will last through the day and beyond – all shot in the privacy of her posh boudoir.

Oh yeah, one more thing: She greets us Singaporeans in adorably accented English, too. Aww.

But enough prattling on from yours truly. Click “play” for the full #deets, and watch this space as Dyson rolls out more cool clips starring Song's hot hair hacks. Have lots of follicular fun with your grooming gadget, and cheers to looking like a shampoo ad model!

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