Here’s the deal. Eyeliners play a pivotal role (read about our beauty writer’s obsession with eyeliners) in the daily makeup routine for most, if not all of us. For starters, a simple swipe can help to accentuate our natural eye contours or even create an entirely new eye shape altogether, which can really change up your  look. Plus, it makes your peepers pop (like how we’ve taught you so previously) and in turn, makes you look fresher and more awake. We know, you probably have more than one liner stashed away in your beauty arsenal – and that’s okay.

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After all, there’s liquid liner, felt tip liner, gel liner, pencil liner … the list goes on, making it incredibly hard to only own one specific OG liner. Therein lies the million-dollar question: Which eyeliner suits you the best? Should you go for a liquid or pencil liner if you are gunning for a sultry winged look, for instance?

Well, there really isn’t any hard and fast rule when it comes to eyeliner. Rather, the answer lies in what look you are trying to achieve. Specific looks are best created with certain liners, based on the texture and brush applicators involved – a creamy liner will allow for soft smudging, versus a more precise liquid liner that gives a clearly defined line.

More of a visual learner? Watch our video as our guest star Jannassa tries out two of the most popular types of liners – liquid and pencil – and gives her thoughts on the appropriateness of each for specific looks.


Liquid Liner: Xtreme Liquid Liner by Gosh, $21.90 from Sasa

Best for: Cat eye

Instead of the usual felt tip, the Xtreme Liquid Liner (which Jannessa is using in the video above) comes with a very thin and precise brush applicator. This means that the liner allows you to draw clearly defined lines with precise strokes – essential for creating a cat eye look. (FYI: If you’re in love with liquid eyeliners, we have a whole trove of waterproof liquid eyeliners that stay all day.)

Tip: Steady your hands and plant the brush right where your lashes are to avoid any visible ‘gaps’ between your lashes and the naked skin of your eyelid. Extend the wing up until it is aligned with the end of your eyebrows. Or to cheat a little, angle a piece of scotch tape up towards your temple and place it under your lower lash line. That way, you will create a distinctive and clear guiding ‘template’ for your cat eye. (Here’s a step-by-step holy grail for achieving that perfect cat eye) Once you get the hang of it, acing your cat eye will almost feel effortless. Want a live demonstration? Then watch as Jannassa attempts to do so with the liquid liner.


Pencil Liner: Crayon Liner by Cyber Colours, $35 from Sasa

Best for: Smoky eye

With a creamy crayon texture, the pencil liner is great for creating a softly smudged smoky eye. It is retractable and comes with a brush that allows you to perfect the smoky eye look by blending it out with a brush or even your bare hands.

Tip: You don’t have to create too precise a line, considering that you are going to smudge it out anyway. This also means that you can touch up on the go, as you don’t have to steady your hands like with a liquid liner. Smudge the liner along the waterline on both the top and bottom lashes. Then, use your fingers to lift up the skin of your upper lid to apply to the upper lashes and then blend away. (Psst, our beauty editor spills all on how to achieve that perfect smoky eyed effect) Not convinced? Then watch how Jannassa tackles this handy liner in the video above.



It’s clear that there is no single product that will suit every look, so it is more important to identify what you want to achieve with the liner and match it to the texture and brush applicator accordingly – you may want to reach for a liquid liner for a precise cat eye look, then switch to a pencil liner ior a sexy smoky eye effect. Of course, lock in any liner look with these tips to never get that mid-day panda eye look.

Now that we’ve given you our thoughts, the rest is up to you. Good luck!