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This all-natural anti-ageing hydrating serum is great for dry skin

Looking for a natural and organic skincare solution for ageing skin? This skin serum does a great job at keeping the skin hydrated without looking or feeling oily

When it comes to skincare, there are two vast ends of the spectrum: Those who enjoy their elaborate 12-step anti-ageing routine; and others who might cleanse their skin occasionally and stick to a simple moisturiser with SPF. If you lean more towards the simple end of the spectrum and are more conscious about what chemicals go into your beauty products, natural and organic skincare might appeal to you more. 

botani olive skin serum review singapore natural anti ageing serum for dry skin

Developed by an Australian naturopath, this natural anti-ageing Olive Skin Serum by Botani ($52 for 15ml) is an olive “oil” serum that, when used correctly, promises not to leave your skin feeling or looking oily in the slightest. The key ingredient in this is something called squalene that’s derived here from olives but is also something that naturally occurs in our skin (which is why this serum is supposed to work so well on our faces). 

Its purpose? Squalene functions as something of an in-built natural moisturiser. However, the brand says that we produce less of it as we age: While our skin contains up to 12 percent squalene at birth, that amount declines from the age of 25.

Using too many products in a short span of time really broke my skin out not too long ago, so I’ve been trying my best to simplify my skincare routine lately. I was introduced to Botani a few months ago, and the discovery of a brand that produced natural and organic skincare products free from petrochemicals, mineral oils, silicones, parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrances or colours, and animal-derived ingredients was incredibly appealing.

botani soothing facial mist singapore natural anti ageing serum for dry skin

The trick to using this serum the right way (for a non-greasy result) is to pair it with a facial mist. I’ve been using the brand’s Soothing Skin Mist ($29 for 50ml) as my skin is sensitive and dehydrated, and I’ve found that wetting your skin really changes the results of applying the serum. Once your skin is damp (but not dripping), apply about three drops of the olive oil serum. I prefer applying the serum directly to different areas of the face, then working it into the skin with my fingertips to get the best result with the least amount of product wastage. 

I’ve found that this method allows the serum to absorb completely, leaving my skin soft, supple and hydrated. My skin texture has improved in the three weeks i’ve been using this serum, and my usually-oily T-zone feels less greasy than before (though I still need to blot after a few hours). While Botani says that this olive serum provides some natural sun protection, it’s advisable to use a sunscreen on top of it if you’re going outdoors. 

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