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REVIEW: We test out a couple of trendy designer makeup ‘pens’. Here’s our verdict

Billion-dollar beauty question: Are these products worth your time and money?


Products: Eye Colour Contour eyeshadow stick in No. 102 Pale Nude, No. 110 Chestnut Brown No. 128 Jet Black and Full Kisses lipstick in No. 500, Nude Beige.


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Eye Colour Contour


(From L-R Chestnut Brown, Jet Black and Pale Nude)


Here’s the deal. These new Eye Colour Contour eyeshadow sticks from Burberry are intended to be mistake-proof pens for the sculpting and smoking out of the eyes. The precision domed tip is said to follow the natural curve of the eye to give it dimension and depth, while the creamy formula enables it to blend into the lash line for an intense smokey effect. To cap it off, this promises to be crease-free and waterproof for an all-day flawless finish.


But enough PR spiel. We test them to find out if these products live up to their name.



First, we swatched the colours on the hand. Our first impressions: The creamy formula really does make application (at least on the wrist) a breeze. Colour payoff is pretty intense too, which is a massive plus point in our beauty books.



Now to try out the products on the eyelids proper. We decided to use No. 102 Pale Nude as a base for a subtle shimmer. The colour transfers really easily, with a smooth glide that makes application a real pleasure. We reckon the intense pigments will also shave off some time as this does away with the need for multiple layering. Besides, the ergonomic design allows for a better grip and control of motion, so it’s almost impossible to go out of line.



Then, we shaded on some depth with No. 110 Chestnut Brown. The dome-shamed applicator does aid in the layering of colours as it slides across the lids. The only tricky part may be at the outer end of the lid: The rounded end of the dome doesn’t allow for the creation of a sharply defined cat-eye, but you can easily use a moistened cotton bud to erase off the excess and clean things up.


Lastly, we used the No. 128 Jet Black for the outer V of the eyes and and along the crease of the eye to test if it really does sculpt and smoke out the eye as promised.



Once again, this pen was easy to apply, but the high pigment payoff also means that it is rather hard to blend out. Fair warning: You might have to tug a little at your lids to smudge and blend, but apart from that, this is still pretty convenient and fuss-free to use.



Verdict: Yes, this pen does allow you to create a smokey eye without too much stress and mess. The dome-shaped pen applicator coupled with the creamy high-impact formula makes this a cinch to use – you no longer need to dip into an eyeshadow pot or re-apply multiple times for the colour to show through.


The only downside, at least for us, is that it is near impossible to create a defined edge if you’re gunning for a precise cat eye, but this product probably isn’t made for said purpose, anyway.


However, it does stay on for the entire day without any creasing. Also, it is really easy to remove: Simply massage a little cleansing oil all over the lid to lift it all off. Bottomline: If you’re looking for something that will help you shave some time off your eye make-up routine, we’d definitely suggest stashing a pen or two in your pouch.


Full Kisses lipstick


(No. 500 Nude Beige)


Fun fact: The Full Kisses lipstick collection takes inspiration from the fabrics seen on the Burberry runway. The colours are said to be bold and long-lasting at up to eight hours’ wear; and the sumptuous hydrating formula lends the illusion of fuller-looking lips.


Another claim which may pique your interest: The unique flat-top bullet promises to trace the lips as it draws to define every nook and cranny.



Verdict: The first thing we noticed about the lipstick was definitely how moisturising it was; application was incredibly easy, and the unique flat-top bullet covers a larger surface area vis a vis other lippies, and curves towards the end to contour the corners.



The luminous veil of colour also helps to plumpen the puckers, with a finish that’s smooth and non-drying to boot. The only drawback? This isn’t as long-lasting as we’d like – it came off right after lunch – so be prepared to touch up throughout the day. That said, if you like your lipsticks more moisturising than matte, give this a shot.


Get the Burberry Eye Colour Contour at $46 and Burberry Full Kisses lipstick at $41.