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6 unique scents that make you smell good

These fragrances may sound quirky, but they’re really not that strange at all



While there’s nothing wrong with loving a scent that everyone else loves, there’s also nothing quite like an off-the-beaten-path fragrance that makes you feel special. Etat Libre d’Orange offers fragrances with interesting notes you don’t usually find in a perfume and makes them smell so good. The Parisian perfumery offers 30 fragrances, and their top 10 best-selling eau de parfum scents are available for $220 each, at Escentials. Here’s what we love from the selection.


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1. Dangerous Complicity


… smells sweet on skin – like a mix of a floral perfume and a spicy, musky scent. The initial strong scent fades quickly to a subtle, pleasant one.


2. Remarkable People


… is a fizzy-citrusy scent at first whiff; the curry note (which isn’t overly prominent) with pepper gradually leaves skin smelling spicy-woody.


3. Like This


… initially smells like spicy ginger with floral and citrusy notes, then gradually fades to what smells like ginger snaps.


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4. La Fin du Monde


… smells sweet like popcorn, with a hint of smokiness.


5. Putain des Palaces


… smells like a leather biker jacket sprayed with a powdery-spicy floral perfume.


6. You or Someone Like You


… has a fresh scent that smells of cucumber, mint and lemon water – like a mojito.


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A version of this article first appeared in the January 2018 issue of Her World magazine.