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7 skincare products with less than 12 ingredients

Because less is really more


Some products are purpose-built to feature just a handful of ingredients. There are two reasons for this: lower risk of skin irritation, and more concentrated, effective skincare. The ones here have ingredient numbers that range from just one to 11. Some of these products are specifically intended for sensitive or out-of- whack skin that needs to be treated with kids gloves (or a very specific cocktail of proven skin soothers and reparative agents that can get it back on track). Others comprise just a few things because that’s all that’s needed to get the job done – and done well. We’re not complaining. It’s nice to be able to scan through a product’s ingredients list at a glance and actually know what they are without needing to google.


1. Vichy Mineral 89 ($62) has 11 ingredients

Eleven's the highest number on this edit – and one of the ingredients is the brand’s mineral-rich thermal water in a high concentration of 89 per cent that makes skin stronger and boosts its regeneration process.


2. Chanel La Solution 10 ($125) has 10 ingredients

The result of a four-year collaboration with a renowned NYC-based dermatologist, this moisturiser uses antioxidant-rich silver needle white tea to reduce inflammation and reinforce skin’s barrier function.




3. Avene Tolerance Extreme Emulsion ($59.90) has six ingredients

This lightweight formula includes its signature Thermal Spring Water to calm and moisturise all skin types, including sensitive skin and post laser- or peel-skin.


4. Katfood Matcha Made In Heaven Brightening Mask ($30) has four ingredients

This mix of matcha, brown rice flour, rosehip powder and lavender essential oil is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins, to which you add honey, water, milk or yoghurt for brightening and oil-regulating results.


5. Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil ($45) has three ingredients

This vegan-friendly face oil contains extracts of rosehip, rosemary and tocopherol that repairs and protects the skin. Two drops are all you need and take time to lightly work in the thick, bright orange formula to the skin. (Oily or acne-prone skin should practice restrain with the amount of oil needed.)




6. Shea Terra Argan & Rosemary Cleansing Oil ($39 for 59ml; $72 for 118ml) has two ingredients

This alcohol-free oil cleanser is made from Moroccan argan and distilled rosemary oils, which together form a natural face cleanser that is gentle on skin but tough on dirt and debris. It also doubles as a moisturiser.


7. Dr. Alkaitis Organic Mascara & Eye Makeup Remover ($63) has just one ingredient

Made of nothing but 100 per cent cold-pressed organic edible almond oil, this mild-natured cleanser thoroughly removes any traces of eye makeup without tugging on the delicate eye area and lashes. It is also reported to help improve the health of brittle lashes. Find it at Bud Cosmetics.