Beauty in brief: ‘Fishtail’ eyeliner is the new cat-eye you never knew you needed

WATCH VIDEO: Dive under the sea and try your hand (or is that flipper?) at creating the softly smudged and fabulously feminine fishtail liner look

Our obsession du jour? Ladies, meet the fishtail, an absolutely adorable micro-trend that is essentially a subtle spin on the conventional cat-eye.

How so? Well, for starters, the feline flick has split to form two tails – one on top and the other on the bottom – both of which end a literal hair’s breadth beyond your lash line, then smoked out slightly for depth and dimension. The overall effect? Cosmetics at its most cutesy and captivating.   

Best of all, the fishtail is embarrassingly easy to execute for both beauty buffs and beginners alike. Here’s how to nail this truly “eyeconic” look for yourself, starting with the tools of the trade, of which you require just four: A gel and pencil eyeliner in black and brown, an angled brush and your go-to mascara. (You probably already have these stashed away in your pouch, right?)

Got your swag on hand? Let’s start from the top. A gel-type formula is terrific for thinning out your swoosh on the upper lashline – we’re not gunning for an exuberant Nike logo tick here. Big bonus: Gels are great for greasy lids because the polymers in most formulas bind to your skin like a temporary tattoo – making them a top choice for creating a fishtail flick that will stand up to snuff through your frolicking at sea.

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First, dip the tip of your angled brush into your gel pot, then start lining about two-thirds the way in from the outer corners to trace out the outer wing. Restraint is of the essence here. No wild wings, please – try to stop lining at the farthest end of your natural lash line.

After you've reached the tail end of your line, work backwards to the inner eye again to thicken the line, gently sweeping the angled brush in a windscreen wiping motion to amp up the intensity.

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Next, switch to a creamy chocolatey pencil to rim the lower lash line, smudging it out so that it runs parallel to the wing you’ve drawn on the upper – squint and you’ll sorta see how these twin lines form a fishtail of sorts. The rest is a cinch to pull off: Simply load up on lashings of mascara and stick to an otherwise clean canvas for a super minimalist take: Just a kiss of nude blusher, maybe a slick of gloss on the lips.

Click play on the blow-by-blow tutorial above if you’re more of a visual learner, and good luck getting your um, fishy face on.