Take a peek inside these Influencers' handbag for their go-to beauty products

Youtuber Janice Chiang and beauty influencers Eugena Bey and Jemma Wei share their favourites with us


Why do we all look to the internet, namely Instagram and Youtube stars, for beauty inspiration?  Well firstly, social media is THE go-to platform these days for tips and tricks at our fingertips, quite literally. Secondly, these new age social media influencers, particularly beauty influencers, show us how it’s possible to hack the ‘celebrity finish’ minus the MUA and entourage. Thirdly, it satiates our daily need for future life inspiration, as well as offering us new buys and ace purchases that we may not have known about prior to THAT image with 52,000 likes.

Are you itching to scroll down your Instagram feed for some inspiration? Hold on, because we are bringing that a step further by personally interviewing three beauty influencers on their essential beauty products, allowing you an exclusive peek into what they carry with them at all times.

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First, we have Janice Chiang from Tree Potatoes. Known as Foxy to the Youtube world, Janice is outspoken, daring and is commonly seen in a simple yet sophisticated get-up that we love. Next, we have fresh-faced Eugena Bey who is not only a model, but also a sporty role model we look up to (darn those abs, we wish we had them). Finally, we have Jemma Wei that needs no introduction. She hosted ‘That F(ashion) Word!” with Andrea Chong back in the days, earning herself a reputation in the blogosphere and beauty world. Now, she’s a well-known influencer and host of ‘Hype Hunt’ with Roz Pho.

The trio spills all about their favourite products, how to stay fresh throughout the day and what they can’t live without. Interested? Scroll on now.


Janice Chiang



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Actress and founder of Tree Potatoes (Youtube channel with 390k subscribers)

@janclp (43.9k followers)


1. The Balm Balm Jovi Palette

I am constantly on the move so I love using palettes with everything in it. Balm Jovi is THAT palette for me - it has colors ranging from pastel to bronze to dark colors, making it extremely flexible for me to go from day to night makeup.

The Balm Balm Jovi Palette, $69.90 from Sasa


2. Face Inc Primer Mist



It’s so compact and it smells so good and oh-so-refreshing! It’s definitely an instant perk-me-up during the day, especially during the after-lunch food coma period. Here’s a bonus: It’s a must-have whenever I’m travelling because it helps in hydrating my skin when I’m on the plane, which is really important if you don’t want to look like a post-flight mess.

Face Inc Primer Mist, $68 from Sasa


3. The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes



This has got to be one of my favorite liquid lipstick - it’s incredibly matte and long-lasting! Plus the intense colour payoff is amazing. If I have to pick a shade, it would be Trustworthy”. A warm nude shade, it complements my skin tone well and goes with just about anything.

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes, $36.90 from Sasa


Eugena Bey



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Model at Facestm

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1. Kiehl’s Lip balm



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My lips get chapped so easily, so my Kiehl’s lip balm gets a permanent spot in my bag to rid my flaky pout. (Psst, Kiehl’s acne-control facial lotion is amazing too)


2. Lipstick



I love layering on some lipstick after soothing my lips with the balm. Psst, I can’t choose so I leave a different shade of lipstick in each bag I own. My favourite brands are Sephora, Mamonde and Tarte.

Mamonde Highlight Lip Tint, $18


3.  IT Cosmetics mattifying powder



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Dewy skin is pretty sought after, yes. But not when it’s from an excessive production of sebum. To control all of that, I turn to my trusty IT Cosmetic’s mattifying powder (our Beauty writer loves it). It’s smooth on the skin and does its job real well.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores, $42


Jemimah Wei



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Host of Hype Hunt on Click Network TV (1m subscribers)

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1. Laneige Compact Brush Pact



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I  like it cause it’s really compact, allowing me to touch up and mattify on-the-go, especially when I’m out on shoots (staying shine-free is a must). Plus the powder is really fine and easy to apply on. Not forgetting the brush, it is very soft and gentle on the face. (Even if prefer a cushion-type, we’ve got it.)

Laneige Compact Brush Pact, $42


2.  Lipstick



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Let’s be honest, which of us ladies ever stick to one single lipstick? It’s too tough a choice to make. To decide on which is in my purse, it really depends on what I’m wearing on that day. A lipstick is like the cherry on top, allowing me to really gel my outfit together and touch up over the course of the day.

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