Are these bad lifestyle habits making you look older?

Late nights and even sleeping on your side can be damaging to the delicate eye area. L’Oreal Paris Skin Expert shares how to protect your peepers

Fact: The skin around the eye area is thin and fragile, which means it’s prone to showing signs of ageing, like dark circles and crow’s feet, sooner than the rest of your face.

Alas, while you can’t stop yourself from getting older, did you know that bad lifestyle habits can make some of those problems even worse? The good news is that adopting new ways can reduce the signs, and maybe even stop them from occurring in the first place. One habit everyone needs? An eye cream that actually works. L’Oreal Paris Skin Expert is your go-to expert for eye treatment products – all the ones mentioned here can visibly reduce your problems in just four weeks, and if you’re not satisfied, you get your money back.*

See if you’re guilty of these habits, and then choose the product that best suits your concerns!

Do you stay up late on most nights?

Most dark circles are caused by tiny blood vessels just under the skin surface – we can see them because the skin there is thinnest. Some of your mum’s best advice comes into play here: Late nights cause blood vessels to dilate, so head to bed at a reasonable time to wake up better rested. Rubbing your eyes is another issue because it breaks the delicate capillaries around the eyes, aggravating dark circles. Finally, there’s stress – it means blood is directed to major organs so your face looks pale, which makes your dark circles look worse.

Getting an early night is a great way to reduce your stress levels, and a yoga class or two won’t hurt either. The final touch? L’Oreal Paris Skin Expert’s Youth Code Eye ($36.90), which boasts what the brand dubs Pro-Gen technology. This is said to activate the skin’s “youth recovery gene”, boosting recovery powers, strengthening the barrier function and targeting fine lines. It also has Drainboost, which supposedly reduces the appearance of dark circles and bags. Gently tap the light serum around your eye area using your ring finger.  

Do you sleep on your side?

Elastin and collagen make skin tight and firm, but as we age, these fibres become weaker so skin sags and wrinkles. Sleeping on your side can create “sleep wrinkles”, a phenomenon that happens when the pillow tugs the skin at the outer corners of the eyes. In the long run, this can lead to crow’s feet. The ideal position is on your back, with your head raised so that fluid doesn’t accumulate leading to puffiness.  

Crow’s feet are notoriously difficult to treat. Some women will turn to aesthetic treatments such as laser to remodel the skin beneath the surface.  L’Oreal Revitalift Laser Eye ($39.90) promises to mimic a laser treatment, thanks to a combination of wrinkle-fighting, firming Pro-Xylane, deeply moisturising fragmented hyaluronic acid and caffeine to help deflate bags. Apply four dots of the light cream along the under-eye, then use the cool metal applicator to massage outwards.

Do you hate drinking water?

As we grow older, the rate of skin metabolism plummets. Skin volume also drops because our hyaluronic acid levels become depleted, making the eyes appear sunken and hollow. The best way to deal with this is manage your water intake. Drink plenty during the day, to prevent the sunken look, but stop around 90 minutes before bed to stop your eyes looking puffy the following morning.

In terms of skincare, Revitalift Filler [HA] Eye Volume Redefiner ($42.90) is your friend. It contains a micro-sized and concentrated form of hyaluronic acid that is quickly absorbed and makes hollow under-eyes appear plumped up from within. Lines are smoothed, skin is firmer, and even eye bags are reduced. Apply three dots at tear hollows using the curved side of the cool metal applicator, then gently massage in with the flat side.

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