5 ingenious alternative uses for dry shampoo

Aside from freshening up greasy locks, dry shampoo also has the power to replace a number of your hair styling products in a pinch

alternative uses dry shampoo hair spray texturising spray

We all know and love dry shampoo for its ability to make your hair look freshly washed and presentable in a pinch. It’s perfect for anyone who prefers not to wash their hair daily but still wants or needs their hair to look fab on the days in between washes. If you’ve ever had a last minute event or meeting sprung on you and were stuck on a not-so-great hair day, dry shampoo would’ve easily saved the day.

It absorbs all the greasiness in your hair, and a quality bottle shouldn’t leave your hair looking powdery or feeling crunchy. Aside from its main function, the wonder spray can actually replace a couple of your other hair products, which makes it a pretty unique multi-tasking spray. Whether you’ve yet to try dry shampoo for yourself or are already a convert, here are a few great alternative ways to use it.

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#1 Getting rid of bed head

If you wake up with some crazy kinks in your hair, then dry shampoo is an easy way to straighten them out without having to wet your hair and dry it again. Just give your hair a good spray, let it settle in for a minute, and brush out your hair. It also works if you want to change your hairstyle between days (like going from straight hair to curls) without washing it and starting over. Dry shampoo followed by a hair straightener is one of my personal hacks for making unwashed hair look good again even after two days.

#2 Amp up the volume

If your hair is looking a little too flat for your liking, dry shampoo can give your roots a little lift and add body to your hair. Focus most of the spray on the underside of your hair near the roots, and give the top third of your hair a good dose of dry shampoo if you want volume throughout your hair and not just near the crown of your head. Of course, don’t forget the back of your head just because you can’t see it!

alternative uses dry shampoo hair spray texturising spray

#3 Hold your hair pins in place

Anyone with straight and fine hair will know the hassle of getting hair pins to stay put. They slide around, slip off your hair and often do very little to keep your hair in place because your hair is simply too smooth. With dry shampoo you’ve got two options. You can slip the pin into place and spray the pin to keep it there, or you can dry shampoo that area of your hair and then pin it up. The method you choose depends on the type of dry shampoo you have. If the spray is more visible and requires some brushing out, then spray first, brush it out and pin it up.  

#4 Keep your fringe from sticking to your face

Feeling your fringe plastered to your forehead can be especially frustrating if you have straight-cut bangs. In Singapore’s climate, a fringe can become an annoyance if you spend enough time outdoors or if you have more oily skin that makes your hair greasy in a matter of hours. As your fringe absorbs more oil throughout the day, it can cling to your forehead in a rather unflattering way. Dry shampoo can make quick work of that and actually prevent it from happening throughout the day. Before you head out, spray the underside of your fringe with some dry shampoo, let it sit for a minute, then brush it out. You’ll have grease-free bangs for the rest of your day.

#5 Texturise your hair

If you don’t want to spend money on a texturising spray but you still desire gorgeously tousled beach babe hair, then try dry shampoo instead. Spray the mid-section and ends of your hair, avoiding your roots, let it settle for a minute, then scrunch your hair with your fingers. Just avoid brushing it out or you’ll lose your desired texture.


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